Cast of ‘The Meg’ bite into details with Deco’s Chris Van Vliet

When it comes to shark movies, there are two that immediately come to mind: “Jaws” and “Sharknado.” But what if there was a shark so big, it could eat all the sharks from those movies? That’s what we’re up against in “The Meg” — a prehistoric shark that is about three times the size of Jaws. Chris headed to Los Angeles to share some fish stories with the cast.

Cliff Curtis (as Mac): “What’s that?”

Oh, I’ll tell you what that is.

Actually, let’s have Jason Statham tell you, because he has a cool accent.

Jason Statham (as Jonas Taylor): “It’s a megalodon.”

And what’s a megalodon, you might ask?

Page Kennedy (as DJ): “Massive, prehistoric killing machine.”

Wow, this is easy. You guys are doing all the explaining for Chris!

Megalodons are a giant shark species that went extinct millions of years ago — at least that’s what they thought.

Now this one is killing everything.

Rainn Wilson (as Morris): “One fish did all this?”

Jason Statham (as Jonas Taylor): “Ask it yourself.”

When Chris sat down with the cast of the meg in L.A., he showed them the monster fish that he recently caught for Keeping Up With Chris — a 480-pound goliath grouper.

Chris Van Vliet (on Keeping Up With Chris): “Wow! Holy crap!”

Chris Van Vliet: “I want your take on what the megalodon would do with this beast.”

Jason Statham: “Look at that. He’d use it as a toothpick.”

Ruby Rose: “It would be like, ‘that’s a snack.'”

Rainn Wilson: “That’s just an aperitif. That’s just to start a meal.”

Rainn Wilson (as Morris): “He’s kidding, right?”

In order to get into character for this film, Jason told Chris he wanted to be able to think like a shark.

Jason Statham: “I went shark diving with about 30 bull sharks in Fiji when I was preparing for John’s film, and that was fascinating. I wasn’t scared at all.”

Of course he wasn’t scared — he’s Jason Statham! He also told me the fear of sharks is all mental.

Jason Statham: “The shark you’re afraid of is totally in your head, unless there’s one sort of nibbling on your leg.”

Speaking of being in your head, that was the case with the megalodon on set too.

Chris Van Vliet: “In the film, what are you actually looking at when there’s a meg coming your way?”

Rainn Wilson: “When Jason was almost eaten early on, we just had to pretend that it was chasing him, so it’s a lot of direction on a microphone like, ‘he’s going to eat him! Oh no, here it comes! It’s getting bigger, look scared.’ ‘Don’t look quite that scared, look more scared. Ahh!'”

“The Meg” swims into theaters on Aug. 10.

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