Cast of ‘Shaft’ hit red carpet for premiere at 2019 American Black Film Festival

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - The stars of the upcoming “Shaft” movie hit the red carpet in Miami Beach for its premiere at the 2019 American Black Film Festival.

The movie kicked off the opening night of the film festival, Wednesday.

Samuel L. Jackson was joined by co-stars Richard Roundtree and Jessie T. Usher, who play John Shaft Sr. and John Shaft Jr., respectively.

Roundtree is the original Shaft and said the character never leaves you.

“It’s like riding a bike. I mean, it’s been so long, and I know who he is,” said Roundtree.

Jackson was Shaft in the 2000 film, and now Usher is stepping into the role of Shaft’s son.

“Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Roundtree — they are Shaft. There’s something about them that just feels that, you know what I mean?” said Usher. “They are that character. There’s no pretending there, so I just had to at least just hold my own a little bit as best as I could.”

The movie centers around Usher’s character, a cyber security expert who needs his famous family’s help to uncover the truth behind his best friend’s death.

When asked if one needs to be cool to play the character of Shaft, Usher said, “You have to be able to keep cool in a close space with Richard Roundtree and Samuel L. Jackson.”

Meanwhile, Roundtree said this is the best “Shaft” film since the first one in 1971.

“Shaft” opens in theaters on Friday.

The 2019 American Black Film Festival runs through Sunday.

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