Cast of ‘Searching’ spill details on thriller

You know how when you’ve lost something, it’s always in the last place you look? Turns out that’s true online, too. What a funny phrase. Of course it’s in the last place you look. You’re not going to keep looking after you’ve found it. The new movie “Searching” reminds us that everything you do on the Internet — and we mean everything — is recorded. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet flew to Los Angeles, where he searched for answers with the cast of the movie.

John Cho (as David Kim): “I’m calling to report a missing person.”

Colin Woodell (as 911 operator): “OK. Who is this regarding?”

John Cho (as David Kim): “My daughter.”

“Searching” is about a father, played by John Cho, who is searching for his daughter after she goes missing. He retraces all of her steps online looking for any clues as to where she might be, and the entire movie is told in a very unique way using FaceTime, security cameras and computer screens only.

Debra Messing: “It literally has never been done before, and so that’s the most exciting thing about it.”

John Cho: “If we were going to do a movie that took place entirely inside these screens, it had to look exactly like real life.”

Debra Messing (as Detective Rosemary Vick): “I’m the detective assigned to your daughter’s case. I need to know how everything unfolded.”

John Cho (as David Kim): “Understood.”

Debra Messing’s character will stop at nothing to get answers, and the movie shows us just how much we rely on technology in our daily lives.

Chris Van Vliet: “When was the last time you left your house without your phone?”

Debra Messing: “Oh wow.”

Chris Van Vliet: “It’s the most terrifying thing.”

Debra Messing: “Intentionally?”

Chris Van Vliet: “Intentionally. Never, right?”

Debra Messing: “Intentionally, I can’t remember. I have left my phone somewhere and I was in like a cold sweat panic.”

The interesting thing about the movie is we see this young girl go missing because of technology. Then we watch her dad use that same technology to look for her.

Chris Van Vliet: “So is technology inherently good or inherently bad?”

John Cho: “It’s neither, I don’t think, and in the film I think is the same. It just amplifies everything you do, all of your impulses, be they good or nefarious. You can do a lot of harm or good with a computer.”

“Searching” takes you on a ride with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. It also might have you second guessing some of the websites you visit.

Debra Messing: “That is why I love this movie so much because it is so of the moment. It is the way that people communicate every single day.”

John Cho (as David Kim): “I didn’t know her. I didn’t know my daughter.”

“Searching” is now playing in theaters.

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