Cast of ‘Little’ discuss upcoming age swap comedy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a kid again? It might be fun, it might be weird, but that’s exactly what happens in the new movie “Little.” Deco sat down with the cast and asked the big questions.

Marley Taylor (as Stevie): “I wish you were little!”

Be careful what you wish for, or in this case, what someone else wishes upon you.

Issa Rae (as April Williams): “You went to bed grown and then you woke up–”

Marsai Martin (as 13-year-old Jordan Sanders): “Little.”

Issa Rae (as April Williams): “But that’s for white people ’cause black people don’t have the time.”

Marsai Martin (as 13-year-old Jordan Sanders): “I know!”

Regina Hall and Marsai Martin both play Jordan Sanders, a super successful but super mean tech exec who’s suddenly transformed back into her 13-year-old self.

Regina’s really nice in real life, but she tells us it felt good playing bad.

Regina Hall: “I liked, of course, playing rotten Jordan. I mean, for me it was a draw to be able to be unapologetically insane and mean.”

Regina Hall (as adult Jordan Sanders): “Move! Ding dong, ding dong.”

No one’s safe from Jordan’s wrath, but nobody gets it worse than her assistant April Williams, played by Issa Rae.

Regina Hall (as adult Jordan Sanders): “Wake up! Be awake when I call.”

Issa Rae (as April Williams): “But I don’t know when you’re gonna call, so when would I sleep?”

Regina Hall (as adult Jordan Sanders): “When I’m not calling!”

April’s the only one who knows Jordan’s a kid again, and when there’s a problem at work, both women must rely on each other more than ever.

Sounds pretty funny, but the movie is filled with important messages for young girls.

Regina Hall: “Really believing you can really be your authentic self and be successful. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else.”

Marsai Martin: “Kids already know who they are. It’s just the world beats it out of us.”

Issa Rae: “Standing up and asking for what you want, and not necessarily taking verbal abuse just because you think it’ll advance you.”

If Regina and Issa had the chance to be kids again, they already know what they’d do: eat, eat, eat!

Regina Hall: “Ooh! Would my mommy make me breakfast? Oh, yeah, ’cause see my mother would still have to cook for me if I was little. I would tell my mom to make me crab cakes.”

Issa Rae: “I loved my mom’s gumbo. I loved Pizza Hut pizza. I just loved all kinds of junk food.”

Marsai is down for food too, but not so much her co-star’s choices.

Issa Rae: “You’re laughing at me.”

Marsai Martin: “I’m not laughing.”

Issa Rae: “You think your taste is better than mine? Like, what would you eat?”

Marsai Martin: “Um, I love mac and cheese! Mac and cheese is the bomb. You have to come over for Thanksgiving because it’s so good.”

Issa Rae: “I will, thank you. Invite accepted.”

“Little” is in theaters on Friday.

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