Cast of ‘Late Night’ discuss upcoming comedy about aging talk show host

Being a female television icon is not easy. That’s the premise for a new movie out this week. Lynn went to London to chat with real-life icon Emma Thompson and the woman who wrote the movie, Mindy Kaling.

“Late Night” is the story of a television icon — a groundbreaking talk show host who’s kind of out of touch, and the ratings are in the toilet.

Emma Thompson (as Katherine Newbury): “That’s our show, everyone.”

Amy Ryan (as Caroline Morton): “I came to tell you this year is your last.”

Emma Thompson (as Katherine Newbury): “What?!”

Until she hires Mindy Kaling’s character as the first female writer.

Emma Thompson (as Katherine Newbury): “Who are you?”

Mindy Kaling (as Molly Patel): “I’m Molly.”

Mindy wrote the movie, which has Emma dressed in power fashion.

Emma Thompson: “These — I wore them because they’re really comfortable.”

The movie is a comedy, and Emma is known for her dramatic acting, but she’s pretty funny.

Mindy Kaling: “You like a goofy, dumb joke.”

Emma Thompson: “I love silliness. I worship silliness.”

Lynn Martinez: “I feel like funny women have funny moms or a funny role model.”

Mindy Kaling: “I think that’s right.”

Lynn Martinez: “Who was your funny, female role model in your life?”

Emma Thompson: “My mom’s Scottish — very funny — and her mother as well, my grandmother. Very funny. Five sisters — all flaming redheads, Scottish and wicked. Naughty, too.”

Coupled with humor, the movie deals with feminism, ageism and stereotypes.

Lynn Martinez: “I actually work in a TV show where we’re supposed to be funny as well, so thank God you wrote something where a woman can be dramatic, funny and beautiful and smart.”

Emma Thompson: “It’s authentic is the bottom line.”

The movie’s message: don’t be afraid to be yourself.

It’s also a love story about two talented females who end up teaching each other about television, comedy and life as a woman.

Mindy Kaling: “We can only write things that we want to see, and then sometimes the world mimics it if we’re lucky.”

“Late Night” hits theaters this weekend.

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