Cast of ‘Dumbo’ hit the red carpet for world premiere

The stars were out in Hollywood last night, including one very big star who can fly using his ears. We’re taking you on the red carpet for the world premiere of “Dumbo.”

The stars of “Dumbo” hit the red carpet in Hollywood, and there were also some guests who aren’t in the movie but just wanted to see it, like Helen Mirren and Angelina Jolie with four of her kids.

The night got kicked off with announcer Michael Buffer putting a special spin on his famous catchphrase.

Michael Buffer: “Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, let’s get ready for Dumboooooo!”

The movie is loosely based on the original Walt Disney film about an elephant who uses his ears to fly.

Nico Parker (as Milly Farrier): “Welcome, baby Dumbo. We’re all family here, no matter how small.”

Danny Devito: “You take all the great values in the Disney original, which is in 1941, the 63-minute masterpiece, and then you give that subject matter to Tim Burton.”

Director Tim Burton does what he does best bringing his own take to the classic.

Tim Burton: “The image of a flying elephant, which is very symbolic of so many feelings and so many emotions that you have, and that’s why I always loved it. I just felt very connected to it.”

Colin Farrell said working on this movie hardly felt like work at all.

Colin Farrell: “You’d look in the corner, you’d see a contortionist, and over there would be people juggling and trapeze artists, and this was going to the office every day, so it wasn’t exactly hard work.”

Eva Green: “It’s such a beautiful story full of heart, and as a child, this story really marked me.”

We think Danny Devito summed it up best.

Danny Devito: “You look at this film, and I defy you not to fall in love with Dumbo.”

Nico Parker (as Milly Farrier): “Fly, Dumbo, fly.”

“Dumbo” hits theaters on March 29.

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