In a new movie, a veteran is in a desperate situation before he makes an extreme choice, like robbing a bank extreme! The twist here — it’s a true, tragic story, and it also stars Michael K. Williams in one of his last roles.

Deco’s law-abiding reporter — if you look past that one jaywalking charge — has the story.

If you’re ever going to feel for a bank robber, this is the time. In “Breaking,” a veteran suffers from PTSD and doesn’t get any help from the V.A. But you also get to see the late Williams show us one last time why he was such a celebrated talent.

Brian Brown-Easley isn’t your typical bank robber — if there even is one.

In the new drama-thriller “Breaking,” which is a true story, John Boyega plays the marine veteran who suffers from PTSD, is desperate for money and running out of options.

Alex Miranda: “You realize this man just wants to be seen. He just wants to be heard.”

John Boyega: “I don’t see him as defined as a bank robber. I see him as a vet. Somebody in this position who’s served in the American Military, number one country in the world, should be in a balanced position.”

Instead, he’s denied disability pay by Veteran Affairs.

John Boyega: “He couldn’t really see his daughter all the time, and he had to move from motel to motel.”

Leading him to hold several people hostage, including bank manager Estel, played by Nicole Beharie.

Nicole Beharie: “She’s doing protocol in seeing a bank robber, and then it turns into seeing a veteran, and then it turns into seeing a brother, and then it turns into seeing a cousin or someone in her life that people didn’t understand.”

Before a tense confrontation with police and a negotiator played by the late Michael K. Williams, who tragically passed away just last year.

Michael famously starred as Omar Little on the critically acclaimed HBO crime series “The Wire” and was considered one of his generation’s best, but to John also the…

John Boyega: “Best smelling man in the business, and we had kinda spontaneously met. We spoke about moments in our past, like careerwise, that we had both witnessed, that we didn’t get to tell each other about, and then he gave me a natural perfume oil that I’m wearing today.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, I love that.”

John Boyega: “Black-owned business, and we were so excited about it.”

And he’ll never be forgotten by his “Breaking” costars.

Nicole Beharie: “It’s bittersweet doing this today, and not having him be a part of it, to be completely honest. He made every day feel like it counted. Even when he wasn’t on camera, it was a party, just didn’t waste a moment.”

John said he begged Michael to take on this role. Michael even took a huge pay cut to tell this story.

“Breaking” hits theaters this weekend.

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