Our everyday routines can feel a little uninspiring sometimes, right? But in the new romantic fantasy “All of Us Strangers,” all it takes is one chance meeting to change everything up.

Like, how about this change? Your loved ones showing up in your life again, years after they died.

In “All of Us Strangers,” Andrew Scott stars as a lonely, depressed writer. Aww. But his life is shaken up by a mysterious neighbor, played by Paul Mescal.

And, get this. His parents, who Claire Foy and Jamie Bell play, um, reappear in their old house, at the same age they were when they died.

Andrew Scott: “They’re the only two people in the world, out of all the millions of people that you might encounter, that you can call your, your parents. It’s a very specific, um, role and very specific relationship.”

Paul Mescal: “After the first reading of the script, I think I was acutely aware of how brilliantly it was written. Andrew was involved, Claire and Jamie were involved, and I loved Andrew Haigh as a director.”

The stars say it really touches on love and grief and it resonated with all of them, especially after the pandemic.

Andrew Scott: “That space where everybody was thinking about isolation and loneliness.”

Paul Mescal: “There’s no place to really hide in the film and I think that was kind of one of the challenges that I was most excited about was that, you don’t have big group scenes. It’s very intimate, it’s very close.”

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