Cash Only bar brings throwback vibes to Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Get ready to get retro. A new spot in Broward is about to rock your night by turning back the clock. You’ve heard of partying like it’s 1999. At Cash Only, you’re gonna party like it’s 1979.

Things are definitely hot in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, now that Cash Only has opened it doors.

Jony Adler: “We’re your neighborhood bar meets your nightclub that’s a lounge that has this weird twist that comes together that brings this great experience.”

This two-story late night spot is a throw back to all things retro.

Now don’t worry, Cash Only isn’t their payment policy. It’s a state of mind.

Jony Adler: “Back in the day when it was cash only things were simpler, back when nightlife was at a time when people came out without as much stress, people came out just to have fun.”

The fun starts as soon as you walk in and come face-to-face with the “8-track wall.”

Jony Adler: “Well, the 8-track wall, first of all, it’s 2,000 8-tracks, 28 feet high.”

This shrine to 70’s music is a perfect place to snap a selfie before making your way to the downstairs bar.

Jony Adler: “The downstairs is like your neighborhood bar on steroids.”

There’s plenty of room to shake what your mama gave ya while the DJ lays down the beats — or you and your BFF’s can command a corner booth and have your own party.

Jony Adler: “The first floor is your ‘wow’ factor.”

And upstairs is the lounge and trust me — it’s worth the walk.

Jony Adler: “This up here is like your basement party that you just walked into you opened up the door and you walked in this room and you’re like, ‘Where the hell am I?'”

The room is decked out like somebody’s retro dream, with album covers on the shelves, wood paneling on the walls and another DJ.

There’s also the shot bar.

Jony Adler: “You can go over there and get a quick shot or a quick beer. We have six or seven specialty shots and seven or eight really good craft beers.”

If that’s not enough to quench your thirst, the main bar serves up the 192-ounce vodka-driven moscow mule. Yeah, that should do the trick.

If you’re thirsty for great music and cool vibes, Cash Only is the place to be.

Bachada Diva: “Look around! It’s beautiful. It’s great. We have a great DJ, beautiful people, hot women, hot guys.”

But if you’re gonna check out Cash Only, you gotta do it late. This cool hotspot is only open Thursday through Sunday, and doesn’t even open its doors until 10 p.m.

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