Tax season can be a pretty taxing time for some people, and the last day to file them is just days away. All that stress can make you pretty hungry. Deco found a spot that’s serving up a deal that won’t break the bank.

Dan Castellaneta (as Homer Simpson): “I paid my taxes over a year ago.”

Yeardley Smith (as Lisa Simpson): “That was last year’s taxes. You have to pay again this year!”

Don’t be like Homer.

Taxes are due on Monday. Sure, it’s stressful, but once you’re done, Casa Sensei in Fort Lauderdale understands that sometimes you just gotta eat your feelings.

Victor Diaz, owner: “At Casa Sensei, we offer a pan-Asian cuisine, but we also added and spice it up with the culinary flavors of Latin America.”

The restaurant is all about bold combinations and unique flavors, and on Monday, they’re adding big savings to the menu.

Victor Diaz: “What we’ve done is to relieve a bit of the stress and angst of, not only Tax Day, but tax preparation. We’ve actually developed a stress buster menu for food and cocktails.”

It’s a real bang for your buck.

Casa Sensei’s $4.15 menu includes several house favorites.

Craving fresh sushi? Try the Veggie or California rolls.

Want something with more of a kick? Get the Chinese Sticky Ribs or the General Tao Chicken Bites.

Victor Diaz: “These are some of our customer favorites.”

We’ll take one of each, but we’re gonna need something to wash them down.

Victor Diaz: “We have a Passion Punch, we have a Sake Crush, and we have a Dragon Margarita to enjoy.”

The Passion Punch is made with passion fruit rum and pineapple juice.

The Sake Crush has vodka, sour apple pucker and, of course, sake.

And the Dragon Margarita is packed with tequila, pomegranate liqueur, and jalapeño rings.

Victor Diaz: “You can actually come in and enjoy all for $4.15 on April 15.”

And it’s not just a happy hour special. You can get these deals from open to close.

They may not be tax deductible, but they’re so good, you won’t care.

Kevin Stone, customer: “The food was amazing. It was delicious, and the drinks were really good, well-done, strong, and the location, actually, is great.”


Casa Sensei
1200 E Las Olas Blvd., Unit 101
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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