A lot of people love getting sweet, sweet revenge.

In a new thriller, one woman is getting back at predatory men who aren’t so nice when women aren’t so sober.

For more, let’s go to the poster boy for politeness, Alex Miranda.

Finally, somebody is teaching these creepers a lesson!

In “Promising Young Woman,” one woman drops out of life to devote all of her time to nabbing these guys. And star Carey Mulligan says it’s all in the name of sisterhood.

Trailer: “Well, the doctor’s here. It’s every guy’s worst nightmare getting accused like that.”

In the revenge drama “Promising Young Woman,” Cassandra, a medical student, drops out of school to troll would-be sexual abusers. At night, she pretends to be drunk, and right when a man tries to take advantage, snaps out of it and teaches them a lesson. Get ’em, gurl!

Carey Mulligan (as Cassie): “Can you guess what every woman’s worst nightmare is?”

Carey Mulligan plays Cassie, who uses all kinds of disguises to reveal these predators true intentions.

Carey Mulligan: “She’s thought meticulously about what she’s wearing and how her hair is and what her makeup looks like and how her nails are. And all of that thought has gone in as armor.”

Many of these men are ‘nice guys’ on the surface, like Adam Brody’s character, Jerry.

Adam Brody: “A couple of his other work buddies are a little more crude than he is, a lot more crude, and he feels that he’s certainly a step above that in chivalry.”

But when no one is around to watch, and, uh, no perceived consequences in sight, Alison Brie reminds us, it can be a much different story!

Alison Brie: “When we think about consent, I think we want to think about monsters and villains perpetrating horrible acts on women, and, like, I think more often than not it’s more friendly-looking people.”

Cassie is fueled by an injustice done to one of her friends.

Sam Richardson (as Paul): “Why do you guys have to ruin everything?”

Adam Brody (as Jerry): “We were kids!

Carey Mulligan (as Cassie): “If I hear that one more time.”

And Carey thinks that kind of love for your sis is inspiring.

Carey Mulligan: “She’s just got this unbelievable loyalty that you know 10 years later she’s not let go. And that sisterhood I just thought was really beautiful.”

“Promising Young Woman” hits theaters Christmas Day.

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