Carell, Byrne and Cooper play politics in Jon Stewart’s dramedy ‘Irresistible’

Steve Carell, Rose Byrne and Chris Cooper are playing politics. They’re starring in Jon Stewart’s new political dramedy, “Irresistible.” The former “Daily Show” host is telling us all about it.

Character in “Irresistible”: “Democrats are getting our asses kicked.”

Steve Carell (as Gary Zimmer): We need some way to road-test a more rural-friendly message.”

Chris Cooper (as Jack Hastings): “If you can’t live your principles in the bad times, I guess they aren’t principles. They’re just hobbies.”

It’s a party with political animals, as Steve Carell and Rose Byrne turn a Wisconsin small-town mayoral race into a proxy battle for the country in “Irresistible.”

Rose Byrne (as Faith Brewster): “I’m gonna make a big deal of this”

Steve Carell (as Gary Zimmer): “It’s on here, boys. Game on.”

Rose Byrne (as Faith Brewster): “Tons of press, lots of money.”

Chris Cooper (as Jack Hastings): “This seems a bit crazy.”

Oscar winner Chris Cooper, who tended cattle as a boy, jumped at the chance to work with Steve and show him a thing or two.

Chris Cooper: “Yeah, I spent a day at the dairy farm, and we were dreaming up chores to shoot.”

Steve Carell (as Gary Zimmer): “That was your daughter, with her arm up the cow?”

Chris Cooper: “Steve Carell’s uneasiness with the dairy cattle was gold.”

Writer-director Jon Stewart had more than just a fish-out-of-water tale in mind.

Jon Stewart: “You could see media people, you could see political consultants going, ‘I think I know — I think this town is the answer.'”

But Diana, played by Mackenzie Davis, has questions.

Mackenzie Davis (as Diana Hastings): “So, when they go low, we go higher, incrementally, in relation to how low they went?”

Steve Carell (as Gary Zimmer): “Regrettably, yes.”

Mackenzie Davis (as Diana Hastings): “When they go low, we go almost as low, but we feel worse doing it.”

Jon Stewart: “This was an attempt to kind of look at the larger powers at play, that have taken an electoral system and really removed it from the real day-to-day needs of the citizenry that it purports to be supporting.”

Steve Carell (as Gary Zimmer): “All you have is fear.”

Rose Byrne (as Faith Brewster): “Twenty bucks says I do better with fear than you do with shame.”

“Irresistible” becomes available On Demand on Friday.

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