‘Captain America: Civil War’ — Anthony Mackie

It’s good versus good in "Captain America: Civil War." You’ve got Team Iron Man doing battle with Team Captain America, and the good captain’s got a loyal and lethal sidekick in the Falcon. Anthony Mackie himself told Deco what’s on the line in this epic rumble.

It’s Team Iron Man versus Team Captain America in the new "Captain America: Civil War" movie.

The reason? The government is sick of all the damage caused when the superheroes do their thing, so now they want to put an anti-hero registration act in place to limit what the heroes can do.

Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Iron Man, is all for it. But Captain America, aka Chris Evans, isn’t.

Chris Evans: "He’s a very binary guy. It’s this or that, black or white, and this is the first time it’s been kind of an uncertain decision in terms of what the right move is."

Anthony Mackie spreads his wings as Falcon and is Team Captain America, but don’t call him a sidekick.

Anthony Mackie: "In this movie, you get to see Falcon come into his own being, his own blue. Now you get to see him as his own Avenger."

While being an Avenger is a blast for Mackie, there are still some people who aren’t excited about his role.

Anthony Mackie: "My kids are more impressed by Winter Soldier than they are the Falcon, but I met Cookie Monster recently, and that made me the coolest dad on Earth."

"Captain America: Civil War" opens in U.S. theaters Friday, May 6.