Cao Bakery opens 2nd Broward location in Hollywood

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, if you want coffee, you can usually find that place with good WiFi that writes your name on the cup, but one South Florida favorite wants to take on the coffee stars and give them a run for their bucks.

Starbucks, Dunkin’, yeah, they’re everywhere, but this Cuban bakery wants to bring a taste of SoFlo to Fort Worth or maybe even Fresno.

Tony Cao, owner & CEO, Cao Bakery: “We want to be the next Latin Starbucks because we feel like we can bring our Latin flavors to the rest of the nation.”

Cao bakery has locations all over Miami-Dade, and they’re expanding fast.

Deco hit the chain’s second Broward location in Hollywood.

Tony Cao: “We’re the next generation Cuban bakery. We modernized the Cuban bakeries in Miami, and we’re taking it to the next level with our food, with our atmosphere.”

You get a taste of tradition.

Tony Cao: “We have our traditional Cuban items. We have the Cuban sandwich, your medianoche.”

And go beyond with reinvented Cuban favorites.

Tony Cao: “So, our media dia is our traditional guava and cheese pastry. We cut it open in half, we add Serrano ham, Swiss cheese. We put it on the griddle for a little while, heat it up, get the cheese nice and melted, and we put it in the plancha, and it’s ready to go.”

Got a coffee craving? From a cafe con leche to creative concoctions, they’ve got you covered.

Tony Cao: “We have your traditional Cuban coffee, and then, we have our flavored coffees that we’re coming out with also for the holidays. We have our pumpkin spice.”

Even breakfast gets a boost.

Tony Cao: “Our Cuban Benedict is similar to a traditional eggs Benedict with a twist. We do it on Cuban bread on the bottom, put the poached eggs. We use our salzon aioli with shoestring fries on top.”

Customer: “I had the media dia. It was really good. It was kinda sweet.”

Cao Bakery plans to expand all over Florida, then nationwide.

Who knows, maybe someday you’ll order a medianoche in Michigan or a cortadito in California.

Tony Cao: “We have an amazing atmosphere. We have great food and coffee, and we’re your next generation Cuban bakery.”


Cao Bakery Hollywood
2401 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, FL 33020

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