Canine Cuisine at Shooters Waterfront

Dogs are like family members — they lie on the couch all day and they’re always hungry. We want to share everything with our furry friends, even mealtime. There’s a place in the 954 where pooches and people chow down together on food fit for a king.

You and your dog — an inseparable pair.

At Shooters Waterfront on the Intracoastal near Oakland Park Boulevard, you and your dog can break bread together.

Bryan Kennedy, Shooters Waterfront: “People in South Florida love to pamper their pets, so we’re giving them a chance to have the pets dine with them.”

It’s a cuisine bound to please any canine.

Bryan Kennedy: “The new Bark Bites certified menu items, USDA gourmet turkey, beef and chicken.”

Humans, be happy. Each dish comes with fruits, vegetables, grains and plenty of vitamins.

Don’t worry about upsetting your dog’s belly with something new.

Bryan Kennedy: “All the ingredients are all-natural. They’re all wholesome, so they’re not gonna disrupt the digestive system of the dog.”

Pets will feel good and look good after a meal.

Bryan Kennedy: “All the ingredients are actually beneficial for their coat, for their overall holistic nutrition and for their vision as well.”

That didn’t happen by accident. The recipes were created with care.

Bryan Kennedy: “So we wouldn’t lead our dogs blindly, we did bring in a professional nutritionist.”

While there are new, healthy food choices for dogs at Shooters, a canine cocktail menu will not be forthcoming.

Bryan Kennedy: “We do serve, obviously, flat or sparkling water.”

If you’re used to giving your pet scraps from your meal, you might find the situation reversed here.

Bryan Kennedy: “All these meals are actually suitable for human consumption as well. Personally, I wouldn’t mind finishing a plate, if any of them leave any left over.”

Whether you decide to bring your best friend by boat or walk on over to Shooters, you’re both guaranteed to have a great time — and a great meal.

Tara Galloway: “How nice to come down by the water, the boats and have an amazing meal with your favorite pooch.”


Shooters Waterfront
3033 NE 32nd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 566-2855

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