Camp Cocktail Bar + Grill brings great outdoors appeal to Hollywood

Summer’s over, and the kids are home from camp. Now that the little ones are back in the nest, maybe it’s you who needs a touch of the great outdoors. A new bar is offering a full-on camp experience, with plenty of alcohol and absolutely no bug spray.

Summer camp goes on year-round at Camp Cocktail Bar + Grill in Hollywood.

John Wiltsey, Camp Cocktail Bar + Grill: “It’s a laid-back atmosphere, a little bit campy, a little bit fun, a rustic setting.”

Everybody on the staff is dressed like counselors. In fact, there’s so much stuff to remind you of camp, you’ll probably think the people sitting at the next table are your bunk mates.

John Wiltsey: “I did go to summer camp as a kid and, you know, it’s something that everyone should experience. If they didn’t, they can come here and capture a little bit of that now.”

When it comes to having a good time here, you’re on your own.

Bill Murray (as Tripper): “These are the camp rules. Murray would like you all to take a look at these. They’ll be in here if you want to check these out a little bit later.”

What you should definitely do is check out the cocktails. They never served anything like this at the canteen.

John Wiltsey: “So we have a Ruby Red Mule. It’s a twist on a Moscow Mule.”

This jewel of a drink is made with Ruby Red vodka, lime juice and ginger beer.

Next up: a new take on a legendary libation.

John Wiltsey: “And then we have the Old Camp Old Fashioned, made with Old Camp whiskey.”

Finally, what would any adult camp experience be without a S’mores Martini?

John Wiltsey: “Which is toasted marshmallows over a chocolate martini.”

There won’t be any cookouts, but you’ll chow down on chicken wings, burgers, fries. You know, all the good stuff.

John Wiltsey: “Everything you want when you’ve been having a couple of cocktails.”

Of course, there’s a lot of sharing that goes on at camp — and it’s a great place to meet people.

If you’re looking to relive old times, or just want to know what going to camp was all about, make it over to Camp Cocktail Bar + Grill.

Erin Michelle Newberg, customer: “I’m obsessed with Camp. I mean, who doesn’t love this fantastic theme? It’s giving Hollywood a new life also.”

Camp Cocktail Bar + Grill
2051-B Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, Florida 33020

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