California fashion designers Trina Turk, Mr. Turk open MiMo store

Don’t tell Phil Ferro, our meteorologist, but that cool change in the air isn’t all weather related. It’s a cool breeze of new California styles that are now within your reach.

South Florida fashionistas no longer have to order Trina Turk designs online.

Trina Turk: “Trina Turk and Mr. Turk are very much inspired by California. We’ve really built a brand that reflects sort of the optimistic feeling of living in California, and we express optimism through print and color.”

Trina Turk
Trina Turk

Trina and her husband, “Mr. Turk,” have brought their creative juices to the 305 with a new store on Biscayne Boulevard and 72nd Street in the MiMo district.

Trina Turk: “There’s a lot of excitement about new things happening on the Strip, so we’re really glad to be part of pioneering this new neighborhood.”

The doors opened Thursday night with a party full of food, drinks and fun.

Jonathan Snow (Mr. Turk): “I think it’s an exciting place to be. I love the multicultural aspect of it. There’s people from around the world, and I don’t think they’re afraid to express themselves with clothing.”

Jonathan Snow, aka Mr. Turk
Jonathan Snow, aka Mr. Turk

Trina promises you’ll find everything you need for the MIA on her shelves.

Trina Turk: “We have pieces that are perfect for Miami, because we’re keeping the local climate in mind. We will carry swimwear all year round for both men and women. We have some beautiful dresses in really bright, vibrant prints, which I think are great for Miami because this part of the country really embraces color.”

And, for the men, “Mr. Turk” wants you to “stripe” a pose when you throw on his collection.

Jonathan Snow (Mr. Turk): “I think everybody has a lot of different social things that they need to go to, and they have to look unique and fun.”

As for the holidays, Trina says you should shine bright like a diamond.

Trina Turk: “We have a little bit of sparkle for holiday. We have a lot of black and ivory and beautiful ruby red.”

Trina Turk Miami
7200 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33138
(786) 409-4383

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