C Food Shack opens first location outside Bahamas in Miami Beach

Maybe you’re not going anywhere, but it’s time for your taste buds to take a trip to the Caribbean. It’s a chance for you to get some island vibes at a new restaurant straight from the Bahamas.

The Caribbean is calling, and C Food Shack in the Lincoln Eatery answered.

The Bahamian restaurant is the real deal, and the food is straight from the islands.

Laron Culmer, C Food Shack: “C Food Shack is a family business. It started in the Bahamas in December 2013. My mother invested in me. I came straight out of culinary school. I went to the Bahamas. I wanted to bring something new to the table.”

You guessed it. They’re serving a lot of fish.

Laron Culmer: “The letter stands for Culmer. That’s my last name, but we do sell a predominant seafood menu.”

And Miami-Dade County is their first location outside of the Bahamas.

Laron Culmer: “What we are bringing to the table is something called Floribbean. When I first brought the C Food Shack to Nassau, I wanted to bring what I learned in the states to Nassau. When we decided to come over here to South Beach, it was my goal to make sure I could bring some of Nassau to Florida.”

The secret to C Food Shack’s success is nearly everything starts out getting rubbed in a marinade loaded with herbs and spices.

Laron Culmer: “When I think of Bahamian cuisine, I think about just basically using fresh herbs to incorporate in different flavors.”

From the fish fillet to the coconut shrimp, it’ll taste like you took a trip to the Caribbean.

Jack Covington III, customer: “It’s just a burst of flavors in your mouth. Most of the time when you go to other seafood restaurants, some people under season their food, some people over season it, but C Food Shack, they season it right.”

Their sweet potato empanadas aren’t a traditional flavor, but they’re tasty.

Laron Culmer: “Yams are very popular in the Bahamas. We use sweet potatoes on everything. It’s a huge, popular staple back home. Once we put that in an empanada with a little dip sauce, I think that brings some familiarity with a lot of locals in the area.”

One thing you’ll find at all C Food Shacks: the conch ceviche. Tomatoes, onions, pepper and conch get combined with spices and citrus.

Laron Culmer: “I wanted it to taste like you are in Nassau. I am trying my hardest to bring that island flavor. You can taste the Bahamanian love, and you can taste what I am bringing to the table.”


C Food Shack
(inside the Lincoln Eatery)
723 N. Lincoln Lane
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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