Full disclosure: I try lots of different restaurants for this blog. Sometimes I can’t wait to return. Sometimes one time is enough. This time, I can’t get enough of Byblos on Miami Beach. Loved the food, the drinks, the decor, the service. I seriously can’t wait to return but now that I’ve told you I guess getting a reservation may prove a little challenging. What can I say? I love sharing good places to go and Byblos is now at the top of my list.

Mediterranean is the thing here but Chef Stuart Cameron takes the classics and puts a "modern med" spin on the dishes. I got things started with Turkish Manti Dumplings ($11), served in an herby yogurt sauce. The fig salad ($14) doesn’t seem like much at first but after one bite you realize the chef is smart enough to not overdress it and let the freshness of the greens speak for themselves. The pide, ooooooh the pide!!!! Where to begin? Pide is a long, thin Turkish flatbread that’s baked with toppings in a stone or brick oven. I had the black truffle, buffalo mozzarella and halloumi cheese pide ($24). It was soooooooo good I wanted to stand up and tell everyone in the dining room to make sure to order it. The yogurt baked fluke ($21) topped with toasted bread crumbs and walnuts was spectacular. And last but not least don’t leave without trying the sweet jeweled rice ($21). It’s a traditional basmati rice dish served at Iranian weddings so celebrate something, anything, and order it.

If you see me at the bar at Byblos waiting for a table please feel free to buy me a drink and let’s wait together. It’s so worth it.

Byblos Restaurant and Lounge
1545 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33140

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