We at Deco Drive do our best to keep it clean. And with Earth Day coming up, one local spot has a sweet deal to keep our city spotless.

Squeaky-clean Alex Miranda is here with all the dirty details.

Do you know what bugs us? Litterbugs!

In honor of Earth Day, a Wynwood restaurant wants you to do something to clean the streets. If you help ’em out, they’ll hook you up.

Kristen Wiig (as Annie Walker): “Here comes the litterbug! Woo!”

We’ve all seen it, people like Kristen Wiig in “Bridesmaids” tossing trash onto the street. This week, you can do something about it.

On Earth Day, Buya Izakaya in Miami and Debris Free Oceans are teaming up to clean up Wynwood.

Caiti Waks: “Debris Free Oceans is a non-profit inspiring sustainability in Miami.”

Michael Sponaugle: “We are honored to partner with Debris Free Oceans. We are helping clean up the streets of Wynwood. Obviously, it’s our neighborhood, we like to keep the streets nice and tidy and a pleasant place to come and enjoy.”

Debris Free Oceans gives you the gloves and tools. Then you hit the pavement, grab the garbage, save the planet.

Caiti Waks: “A benefit of what we are doing is stopping the trash on the streets so it doesn’t make its way to Biscayne Bay.”

Emily Cooper: “I think it’s awesome, super fun. We get to clean up the streets, got to help out the Earth and now we are eating and drinking, and it’s super fun.”

Do the work, Buya Izakaya gives you a reward.

Michael Sponaugle: “I think if you are willing to put your time in and clean up the streets you deserve something, so we are featuring our happy hour dishes complimentary to the people who helped us out.”

You heard right!
Food and drinks are on Buya for the Earth Day cleaning crew.

Michael Sponaugle: “We are featuring our Wax On Wax Off cocktail, as well as our Sake To Me, which is a play on the negroni. We are doing karaage chicken, short rib buns, shishito pepper.”

Emily Cooper: “I was just telling my sister nothing in life is free. This comes pretty close.”

You get to make Miami beautiful and get free food! The question is, why on earth would you miss the Earth Day Wynwood Clean-Up?

Emily Cooper: “People should come to the event because we get to clean up the streets, help out the Earth, and then we can have food and drinks over here.”

The Wynwood Earth Day Clean-Up is this Thursday.



Buya Izakaya + Yakitori
250 Northwest 24th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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