Most of us would love to finally put 2020 in the rear view mirror. It really has been a tough year all around. If you’ve got a burning desire to start fresh in 2021, we know a place that’s going to bowl you over.

Want to start the new year off in a blaze of glory?

Make it over to Phuc Yea in Miami, where New Year’s Eve is going to be really hot.

Ani Meinhold, Phuc Yea: “Yeah, we’re going to have a burning bowl in our lantern garden.”

A burning bowl gives you the chance to turn all the bad mojo of the last 12 months into smoke.

Ani Meinhold: “So, the idea is when you walk in, you write your note about what you want to burn away from 2020. Write it down, fold it up, throw it in the burn bowl and let it burn away.”

Deciding to offer up a burning bowl was a no-brainer for the folks at Phuc Yea.

Ani Meinhold: “2020’s been such a crock for so many people that we want people to start 2021 off on the right foot.”

Wendy, customer: “I think it’s wonderful that they’re giving people this opportunity to symbolically and physically just release the past year.”

The burning bowl is only one part of the celebration.

Ani Meinhold: “New Year’s Eve, we’re doing a super festive dinner.”

The restaurant serves up a mix of Vietnamese and Cajun tastes.

Choose from the scallop tataki, PY noodles topped with caviar or a duck confit.

Every bite you take is meant to bring you luck.

Ani Meinhold: “All the ingredients that we’re using are supposed to bring on prosperity and good fortune, as well.”

Toasting to 2021 will be easy.

Ani Meinhold: “We’re definitely launching our new cocktail menu on New Year’s Eve.”

Martini drinkers, take note.

The vodka-infused Dragoness, with lychee and lemon zest, and the gin-driven Dirty AF are both calling your name, and there’s something special for the ladies to cap off the night.

Ani Meinhold: “Because when you leave, you get a gift. Something for you to when you wake up the next morning, you can be refreshed.”

So, if you can’t wait to turn 2020 to ashes, spend New Year’s Eve at Phuc Yea for some real Miami heat.

Customer: “It’s a great way to burn it off and bring in the brand new year.”


Phuc Yea
7100 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138

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