Burgers with a Hebrew twist at Burgerim

One of the most difficult things about day-to-day life is figuring out what to eat. That shouldn’t be much of an issue at a new restaurant called Burgerim. Burgers of course top the menu, and the options are endless. OK, not endless, but there are a lot…

West Miami-Dade’s newest burger joint is serving up a whole lot of burgers with a side of Hebrew.

Alejandra Rodriguez: “The concept of Burgerim comes from Israel. That’s where they originated. ‘-im’ in Hebrew means ‘many.'”

By “many,” she means 11.

That’s 11 options for your burger patty…

Alejandra Rodriguez: “We’re really customizable to the people’s liking.”

OK, deep breath, Shireen.

Those 11 options are beef, dry aged beef, turkey, chicken, veggie, lamb, Wagyu, merguez, falafel, Spanish beef and salmon.

Alejandra Rodriguez: “Our favorites would be probably the Wagyu, which is the American version of the Japanese Kobe beef. Also for vegans, we have a falafel option.”

Carlos Alvarez: “I chose the Wagyu because the meat is the best meat, honestly. It’s really, really tender and really tasteful.”

To capitalize on the variety of options, each burger is a bit smaller so you can order two or three different ones.

Alejandra Rodriguez: “You don’t have to stick to just one large burger that maybe you didn’t like or you get bored of halfway through.”

But why limit yourself to three? We opted for the party pack for $44.95. We’re such gluttons.

Alejandra Rodriguez: “So you can get a party pack, which is 16 small burgers. And you can have them all customized.”

Deco’s party pack included four of the following patties: beef, merguez, turkey and dry aged.

With all the toppings added on, the finished product is a thing of beauty.

And tell us about those fries…

Alejandra Rodriguez: “I refer to them as a French fry and a potato chip had a baby. So they’re nice, they’re crispy, but the inside is still pretty soft.”

And this first Burgerim location near Mall of the Americas is just the beginning.

Expect more to pop up around SoFlo.

Alejandra Rodriguez: “It’s good for the South Florida market, because we don’t have anything how California has In-N-Out, or up north you have more White Castles. We don’t have anything that’s something cool, something different that’s not your usual burger fast-food option.”


8229 W Flagler St.
Miami, FL 33144
(786) 542-8926

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