Burgermeister dares you to try their tall, loaded burgers

We here at Deco Drive like to think of ourselves as burger aficionados. We know our meat, and we know good buns. But a great burger isn’t just about the patty and the bread. It’s also about the stuff that goes on top of the beef.

Size does matter at Burgermeister on South Beach.

Alexander Ringlieb, Burgermeister: “Burgermeister is using 7-ounce, three-beef blend patties, loading them up with top quality items to stack them, like really huge.”

When it comes to what they are putting between two buns, the bigger the better!

Alexander Ringlieb: “I didn’t just want to do a basic burger, so I loaded it up with all the top quality ingredients that we come up with, like potato sticks, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, egg, bacon — whatever you can find on a burger — and load it up to the top.”

Most of the burgers are over half a foot high. There’s so much stuff on them that the restaurant gives you plastic gloves to wear while you’re eating, so you don’t make a mess.

Alexander Ringlieb: “I thought it was a good idea, since it’s hygienic, and you don’t want to have the sauces between your fingers or smell like onions, since our burgers are really messy.”

You can come up with your own combination to stack on your meat, or pick from their menu.

Alexander Ringlieb: “The La Latina, it’s also with potato sticks, it’s grilled pineapple, homemade pineapple sauce — which is a touch of spicy — and fresh queso blanco.”

The Italian Jobs is loaded with pesto, peppers and deep fried prosciutto.

Alexander Ringlieb: “So when you get that bite, you have the crisp of the prosciutto coming out.”

And, if you are daring, go for the 9-inch tall Hangover Helper.

Alexander Ringlieb: “It’s the 7-ounce patty, iceberg lettuce, provolone cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, homemade julienne potato sticks, a fried egg, chimichurri sauce, tomatoes, pickles.”

The burgers are so big, you might need to have a special skill to eat them.

Alexander Ringlieb: “Take the burger when it arrives at your table, and squish it all together. Then, you have all the ingredients mixed up and have the explosion of flavors.”

The burgers cost about $11 apiece, and word is they’re worth every bite.

Paul Rogers, customer: “Probably one of the best burgers I have ever had, honestly. It’s a little messy but good tasting. It’s a mouthful and handful all at same time.”

425 Washington Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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