BurgerFi offers vegan ‘Beyond Burger’

If it looks like a hamburger and tastes like a hamburger, it’s gotta be a hamburger, right? Not necessarily.

A new vegan patty packing plenty of protein is now on the South Florida food scene. It’s above and beyond any burger you’ve ever had before.

BurgerFi has boldly gone where no chain has gone before.

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “We’re the first national chain to have the Beyond Meat burger.”

No animals were involved in the making of the Beyond Burger.

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “It’s plant-based. It’s one of the newest forms of food out there. It’s zero cholesterol, high in protein.”

It may be made out of plants, but it tastes like a good old-fashioned burger.

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “It eats like a burger, cooks like a burger.”

The Beyond Burger is infused with beet juice to make it look more meaty.

Once it’s hit with some salt and pepper, it’s fired to perfection.

The final product is up to you.

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “So it’s vegan. We make it for everybody. We have cheese and all kinds of stuff on it.”

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “It’s an option that you can build your best.”

You can thank your fellow foodies for this latest addition to the BurgerFi menu.

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “With social media these days, they’re reaching out, they’re telling us they want other options.”

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “This is just another level. It gives that vegan person, who’s maybe one of six people that wants something vegan, it gives them something.”

If you can’t commit to a patty made completely from plants, there are plenty of other options, including the Conflicted Burger.

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “It’s one beef patty with our in-house made veggie patty.”

Paul Griffin, BurgerFi: “It’s 50 percent guilt-free.”

Right now, the Beyond Burger is only available at the BurgerFi locations in Coral Springs and Coral Gables.

If people dig it, the sky’s the limit.

Alice Warren, satisfied customer: “I like it, and I tried it because I saw it was new, and we do come here a lot, and it’s really good. I like it.”

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