Bucks Crepes brings French flavor with a twist

Restaurants in Miami like to buck the system, and one in particular is doing just that. This spot is giving a French fav a new look.

They’re rolling out a new concept at Bucks Crepes in Downtown Miami.

Anoniece Baker, Bucks Crepes: “Bucks Crepes is an authentic French crepery at Central Fair Downtown Brightline station.”

This place is the real deal.

Anoniece Baker: “Our ingredients are imported from France, and our cook is from France. He’s only been here a year, so its very, very authentic.”

Bucks has sweet and savory crepes, but it’s not just the flavors that got our attention — it’s the shape.

Anoniece Baker: “Traditional crepes are circular and put into a cone. Our crepes are rectangular, and it’s folded.”

The shape is so unique that Bucks had the crepe machine made specially for them.

Anoniece Baker: “You put the batter in the machine and roll it across, and it lays the batter on the griddle.”

Angel Diaz, customer: “It kind of surprised me. It looked kind of different. It’s very good.”

The nearly 3 foot long crepe cooks evenly, and the way it’s folded lets you “ooh” and “ahhh” at the unique fillings.

Anoniece Baker: “We fold it that way, so you can eat it with your hand. You can eat it like a sandwich if you want, or you can cut it with a knife and a fork.”

When it comes to the crepe itself, you can have flour or buckwheat .

Anoniece Baker: “The buckwheat is gluten free. It’s vegan, and it’s only made with salt, water and buckwheat.”

From pork to chicken to hummus, there are so many savory options.

Anoniece Baker: “The ham here is popular, especially for the morning time. You can have it sunny side up, or you can have it scrambled. Our very, very popular crepe is chicken pesto.”

There’s even one that’s an ode to a South Florida favorite. It has cheese, roasted pork, ham, pickles and mustard.

Angel Diaz: “The medianoche, I’m very familiar with it. I’m from Puerto Rico. It is very good.”

If sweet is more your speed, how about dulce de leche and mango? You can even dress the crepe up with ice cream and whipped cream.

Anoniece Baker: “We can also make a smore with mini marshmallows and chocolate, if you like.”

Oh, we like! We like!


Bucks Crepes
600 NW 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

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