Bryshere Y. Gray of ‘Empire’

Lucious is gonna get power, and tonight he’s gonna sabotage even his allies to get it! But it’s Hakeem that has everyone talking. Bryshere Gray hit up a TV convention in Sin City and talked about life on the set and pressing the flesh with fans.

He can sing, has style… and a lot of sass!

Bryshere Gray’s been stealing the show on “Empire” for more than a year, and this week, he hit up Vegas to talk about his rough life on the set…

Bryshere Y. Gray: “It’s fun. I’ll be in the hot tub with Naomi Campbell. Twelve hours working, probably do four scenes.”

Of course, those days are over cause… Spoiler Alert, Camilla was killed off! But when she was in the land of the living, Naomi said she loved working with Bryshere.

Naomi Campbell: “He’s very sweet and for me, it’s just a great honor to be here on the set of Empire.”

And being an A-list actor on an A-list show is a huge change for Bryshere, ’cause it wasn’t long ago he was expressing his creativity through extra cheese and pepperoni.

Bryshere Y. Gray: “I was working at Pizza Hut four years ago, and I got fired cause I was making music while I was making pizza.”

Revenge is best served crusty… I bet he makes producers order Domino’s on Pizza Fridays. But Bryshere says the biggest change is having fans… very opinionated fans.

Bryshere Y. Gray: “‘Why you talk to your mama like that?’ It’s the ‘Drip Drop,’ it’s the, ‘You better treat that Lorde girl right.'”

But it’s all good, cause Bryshere knows it comes from a place of love.

Bryshere Y. Gray: “Anywhere I go, I just feel more welcome.”

Or at least that’s what he tells himself!

Bryshere Y. Gray: “And Empire just started creating and I’m here today.”

See what happens to Hakeem and whoever gets in Lucious’ way when a new “Empire” airs at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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