Bryan Cranston creates, stars in ‘Sneaky Pete’

(WSVN) - Bryan Cranston and Giovanni Ribisi have joined forces in Amazon’s new show, “Sneaky Pete.” It’s the story of a con man fresh out of prison who assumes the identity of his former cellmate.

Giovanni Ribisi: “All right, little brother. I get out of here tomorrow, OK?”

Michael Drayer (as Eddie): “Marius, you can’t come back here. We owe Vince a hundred grand.”

Bryan Cranston (as Vince): “And if you don’t give me my money, I’m gonna take your brother’s hand and I’m gonna snip off a finger. Pretty soon I’m gonna run out of fingers.”

Giovanni Ribisi has the lead role in the Amazon series “Sneaky Pete.” He plays Marius, a lifelong con man out to protect his brother.

He also plays “Pete.”

Confused? Don’t be.

Giovanni Ribisi: “He gets out of jail and, because of the situation his brother’s in, is forced to take on the identity of his old cellmate, who hasn’t seen his family in 20 years, and so he shows up and says, ‘I’m Pete.'”

Giovanni Ribisi (as Marius): “Hi Grandma, Grandpa. It’s me, Pete.”

One really cool thing about the show: Giovanni’s playing a character who’s playing a character.

Giovanni Ribisi: “Right, exactly right. Bingo!”

The series is the brainchild of executive producer Bryan Cranston. In fact, the show’s title has special meaning to him.

Bryan Cranston: “I was kind of a sneaky teenager. I was looking for shortcuts. I was looking for ways to circumvent my responsibilities, and my family dubbed me ‘Sneaky Pete.'”

Bryan’s also working in front of the cameras as Vince, a shady New York City cop.

Bryan Cranston: “A little dirty? Maybe, I’m not gonna say. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.”

“Pete” does whatever it takes to keep his brother alive. He’s a con man with heart.

Bryan Cranston: “But through the course of the series, the audiences will watch and they’ll get a sense that there’s goodness somewhere deep in the soul of Giovanni’s character.”

There’s a lot of dark humor running through “Sneaky Pete.”

Giovanni Ribisi (as Marius): “I know you’re upset.”

Bryan Cranston (as Vince): “Upset? I don’t think I am. Do I look upset?”

Bryan believes his vision for the series will hit home with fans.

Bryan Cranston: “I mean, I want a good experience. I want to create something that resonates with audiences, and ‘Sneaky Pete’ does that.”

Giovanni Ribisi: “A liar gets caught in a lie, they don’t come clean. They build a bigger lie.”

“Sneaky Pete” premieres on Amazon on Friday.

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