Brunch isn’t just for weekends at Bulegreen Cafe Yard in Oakland Park

Your stomach doesn’t care what day it is. We asked, and your stomach told us it doesn’t like waiting all week for brunch, so here’s a place serving brunch when your stomach wants it.

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the best, especially at Bulegreen Cafe Yard.

That name’s a mouthful for a reason.

Vagner Decarli, chef: “Bulegreen is a place that is known to serve brunch and breakfast all day long.”

About that name … Bulegreen is Portuguese.

Vagner Decarli: “Bule is the pot where we brew coffee.”

Speaking of their coffee…

Vagner Decarli: “Our coffee is brewed at the table. We bring everything to the table, and we pour water over it in front of our customers.”

Bulegreen serves brunch from a variety of cultures — just not when everyone else is doing it.

Vagner Decarli: “We do brunch Monday through Saturday. We don’t open on Sundays.”

Their theory is, why wait until the weekend?

Jaclyn Auger, customer: “I love that I can come here and have brunch any day of the week because I have an irregular schedule at work, so maybe the days that most people would be brunching on the weekends, I’m actually working, so I love that I can still have the brunch experience anytime I want.”

You won’t want to wait for this stuff.

Check out the waffles with a cheesy twist.

Vagner Decarli: “In Brazil, cheese bread is very popular. We came up with this idea to transform cheese bread into waffle. American people love waffles.”

Since brunch is a marriage of breakfast and lunch, they’re mixing the two in their sandwiches: the Caprese, a BLT and the Special House Chicken Salad Club come on waffles.

And they’ve got a grilled cheese that is appealing in Brazil.

Vagner Decarli: “The most unique sandwich that we have here is the banana melted cheese. Sounds kind of weird when you hear banana and cheese together, but actually, it’s delicious.”

Just remember — if you want to grab a bite, don’t wait until Sunday.

Vagner Decarli: “Some people actually sometimes get mad because we are not open on Sundays, but Sunday is our day to rest.”


Bulegreen Cafe Yard
3299 N Dixie Hwy.
Oakland Park, FL 33334

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