COVID-19, which has literally ruined everything, has forced businesses to do whatever it takes to try to survive, including reinventing themselves, like one Broward hot spot that’s finding new life as a family-friendly destination.

How did this turn into this?

America’s Backyard was the place to be if you wanted to party ’til the wee, wee hours.

COVID-19 changed all that. Now, it’s called Backyard, and it’s a totally different scene.

Jarred John, Backyard: “We went from a late-night entertainment complex into a outdoor live music facility, pretty much restaurant-based.”

And since it’s all outside, it’s a safe way to enjoy the food and have fun.

Jarred John: “Even with all the changes going on in the community right now, I’m still staying socially distant. You know, it’s a nice safe environment. People can bring their dogs. People can bring their pets.”

The change at Backyard gives you a chance to do something you haven’t done in public for a while — get out of the house and jam.

Jarred John: “The main reason is bringing live music back to South Florida. Live music is where our heart’s at.”

While the band’s onstage playing, the kids are keeping themselves busy.

The family atmosphere even spills over to the food. After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

Jarred John: “Great crafted pizza, 10-inch craft pizza, Neapolitan-style, thin crust. We do a little unique style to everything.”

Keep the kids away from the cocktails. They’re for adults only, especially the mango margarita and the house favorite the casa caliente.

Jarred John: “Casa caliente is a spicy watermelon margarita.”

Everybody’s happy to be hanging at backyard.

Jarred John: “I’ll tell ya what, it feels fantastic to get back out.”

Daylee, customer: “This is a great establishment. Me and my friends are having a great time. The music’s awesome. Social distancing is great here. I feel very safe.”



100 S.W. 3rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 449-1025

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