Broward Center program lets you cap off a night of entertainment with fine dining deals

Looking for a great night out in the 954? How about some great entertainment along with great food without putting a big dent in your wallet? Sign us up!

The next time you make plans to go to Fort Lauderdale’s Parker Playhouse or the Broward Center, hold on to your tickets. You’ll need them to get a great deal on a great meal.

Kelley Shanley, CEO of Broward Center: “If you purchase a ticket to a performance here at the Broward Center, you can go to our website and look for our restaurant partners.”

Those eateries are ready to kick your night up a notch.

Kelley Shanley: “All the restaurant partners have special offers for people who come in with tickets to the performance.”

Doesn’t matter what event you’re going to — as long as you have your ticket, you’re good to go.

Kelley Shanley: “Just take your ticket for that performance — Broadway or anything else — to one of our restaurant partners, and you’ll get that deal.”

Each restaurant offers something different.

Over at Good Spirits, it’s all about filling your glass with the fruit of the vine.

Joe Zebrowski, managing partner: “If you come in and buy two dinners, two of our entrees, you get a free bottle of Chalk Hill Wine. It’s about a $40 retail value.”

The wine goes perfectly with any entree you choose, whether it’s a Monster Roll from the sushi bar, South Florida scallops or pan-seared mahi mahi.

What’s not to like?

Kimberly, customer: “Oh, I think it’s amazing. We love going to the Broward Center, we come here and order two entrees and then we get a free bottle of wine. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Township wants to be part of your night out.

They’re making sure your meal gets off on the right foot.

Ruby Stephan, employee: “If you come out to Township and you present a ticket for the same day show that you’re going to, we will offer you a complimentary appetizer with the purchase of an entree.”

Among the appetizers at your disposal are the Asian pork banh buns with filled with shredded pork and other delights. Or the Granddaddy, a huge pretzel made for dipping in beer sauce.

Trust us — it works.

Matt Walsh, customer: “They have great drinks, great food. We come here sometimes before the show as well as after the show. It’s a great spot, one of my favorites.”

The deal waiting for you at Yolo is the icing on the cake — literally.

Ashley Evans, employee: “At Yolo, we always want our guests to end their meal on a sweet note, so we thought what better way to do that than offer a complimentary dessert with each entree.”

To top off your entree is a hand-crafted ice cream sandwich, cheesecake topped with berries and fruit sauce or some piping hot bread pudding. It’s our idea of heaven.

It’ll be yours, too.

Tami Ruddy, customer: “You can’t go wrong. Dinner and a show — yolo, you only live once. Get yor tickets, come here, eat dessert and have a great night.”

Just a reminder — this is a “day of” deal.


Broward Center for the Performing Arts Preferred Restaurant Program

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