Broward bars mix hot arcade fun, cool drinks

When you go to a bar in South Florida, there are always people who are playing games and trying to pick up a date. But in dating, no one likes playing games. We found some spots where, if someone asks you if you want to play games, they’re talking about joysticks.

Game on!

The bar scene in Broward is a lot of fun.

Dwight Slamp, co-owner: “Glitch Bar is in an arcade bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We feature a full liquor bar and craft beer, and we also have video games.”

That bag of change you used to bring to an arcade is so 1980s.

Glitch wants you to save your money for the drinks — so all of their classic arcade games are free — except pinball.

Dwight Slamp: “We try to have a variety. We have two Skee-Ball machines, two pinball machines, quite a few of classics like ‘Pac-Man,’ ‘Donkey Kong,’ and ‘Galaga.'”

There are more than 100 types of beer and a full bar, with cocktails like the Pink Pony, made with crushed berries and vodka, or The Bomb, served with a popsicle.

The drinks are as fun as the games.

Sara Dorfman, customer: “It’s a favorite local spot. Free games, good beer, you can’t go wrong.”

It’s a flashback feel every day at Glitch.

Most of the games — and the decor — are from the last century.

Dwight Slamp: “We offer a retro experience, we have a cool DJ booth covered in cassettes. It’s a fun experience.”

In Coral Springs, it’s playtime at Game Night.

Spencer Molz: “Game Night is a place where you can come drink beer, wine and play video games while being social with other people.”

This hot spot is for all types of gamers.

Spencer Molz: “We have board games on up to console games like Nintendo and PlayStation 4.”

From old school like “Mario Bros.” to modern games like the most recent ‘Dragon Ball Z,” all of the video games are console games.

Spencer Molz: “A console game is something you can buy for yourself for your home.”

Game Night has all types of beer and cocktails, and have fun bar bites like the ultimate grilled cheese with bacon, s’mores and hot dogs.

Spencer Molz: “On the Colombian hot dog, you get a Hebrew National quarter-pound hot dog with Potato Stix, pink sauce and pineapple.”

But what keeps folks coming back are the games.

Travis Martin: “This is a utopia for gamers and nerds. I like to come here and have a good time and be with friends.”

It’s free to play at Game Night. You just have to buy food or drinks.

Spencer Molz: “You don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate this place. You can come here on your own and leave here as friends.”


Glitch Bar
905 NE 5th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 616-5762

Game Night
2125 N University Drive
Coral Springs Fl, 33071
(954) 323-9364

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