Justin Long is an actor known for movies like “Dodgeball,” “Live Free or Die Hard” and “Jeepers Creepers,” but now, he’s taking on a new role directing a feature film with his own flesh and blood!

Judy Greer (as Lady Wadsworth): “How dare you pose as me in my own house?!”

Melanie Lynskey (as Hannah): “Um, does everybody see this old-timey looking lady right now? Oh, sorry.”

Justin and his brother Christian wrote and directed the new comedy, “Lady of the Manor.” Justin also co-stars.

It’s about a really bad tour guide who portrays a southern belle from the 1800s, and the ghost of that southern belle comes back to haunt her in the funniest ways possible.

Talk about a clash of cultures! But for Justin and Christian, there were no brother clashes on set.

Justin Long: “Truth is, I can’t imagine doing it on my own or definitely not with anyone else.”

Christian Long: “Yeah, it’s hard to imagine not working together in a way.”

Justin Long: “I know! First of all, we just get along as people, but we also have these very similar sensibilities.”

Fun fact: the movie was shot in Tampa and St. Pete.

“Lady of the Manor” is in select theaters and available on demand now!

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