Brit Floyd members talk about Pink Floyd’s music ahead of Fillmore performance

Pink Floyd is one of rock ‘n’ roll’s legendary groups. Their last gig came 14 years ago and fans have missed them ever since, but their music lives on thanks to a tribute band that sounds ever bit as good as the original.

Brit Floyd singing: “How I wish — how I wish you were here.”

Pink Floyd fans definitely wish their favorite band was still here.

Thank goodness they’ve got the next best thing.

Brit Floyd singing: “How I wish — how I wish you were here.”

Brit Floyd is considered the world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute show.

Here’s what fans are in for at their concert at the Fillmore, Friday night.

Damian Darlington, band member: “Well, they’re going to hear a set list that includes a celebration of 40 years of ‘The Wall’ album, but we’re also going to be playing tracks from ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ ‘Wish You Were Here,’ ‘Animals,’ ‘Division Bell,’ ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’ and ‘Meddle,’ as well.”

Well, that just about covers the Pink Floyd songbook.

If there’s one member of the legendary band that’s inspired both guys, it’s guitarist David Gilmour.

Damian Darlington: “You know from like 13 years old, I was learning how to play David Gilmour guitar solos.”

Edo Scordo, band member: “Because I’ve been influenced by David Gilmour himself, and yeah, that’s the reason I’m playing guitar.”

A lot more than music goes into putting on a quintessential Pink Floyd concert.

Damian Darlington: “They were pioneers when it came to lighting and video, all the use of these things in concert, so we have to recreate that aspect of things as well.”

Groups like Brit Floyd fill a very important need for music fans.

Damian Darlington: “The artists, they’re getting old, sadly. Increasingly, they’re passing away, but there’s still a demand to experience this music live.”

The songs themselves are incredibly important in people’s lives.

Edo Scordo: “It’s like it’s becoming classical music, and you want to experience good, live music, and it’s pretty much the same thing.”

We’d certainly call this a classic.

Brit Floyd singing: “All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.”

Damian and Edo were cool enough to give Deco a taste of a Brit Floyd unplugged version of “Wish You Were Here.”

Damian Darlington and Edo Scodo singing: “So you think you can tell heaven from hell…”

Brit Floyd will be around for a long time because the music they’re playing is timeless.

Damian Darlington: “It’s as fresh today — as far as I’m concerned — as it was when it was first written.”


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