Bristol’s Burgers menu shakes up Diplomat Landing

Bristol’s Burgers will have you shaking, rattling and rolling. This new burger and milkshake joint is a cool spot in the 954.

Check out what landed at the Diplomat Landing in Hollywood.

Joe Wein, Bristol’s Burgers: “Bristol’s Burgers is everything you would want in a really playful, fun experience for the whole family and adults.”

Bristol’s Burgers is shaking up the milk shake and burger game.

Joe Wein: “We’ve taken some traditional flavors and some traditional shakes and we really amped them up.”

From starters like the Greek wedge salad, Chicago style mini hot dogs or raw veggies with hummus, there’s something for everyone.

Joe Wein: “Really, we take the finest of what’s available and what’s in season. It’s fresh and it’s crunchy and it’s crisp. It’s really a refreshing little appetizer.”

At Bristol’s, you’ll be writing home about the signature burgers. The Italian Style is loaded with meat, and the Sriracha with goat cheese is hot.

Joe Wein: “People always are constantly putting sriracha on everything. We just decided to put it right into the burger.”

But the coolest thing on this menu comes with a straw.

Joe Wein: “Our milk shakes were really designed to turn a milk shake into a dessert. We toyed around with probably about 20 different milkshakes, and we ended up with a list of about eight or nine that we work with. One of them is the Twinkie Boy.”

The Twinkie Boy combines your favorite snack with your favorite drink.

Joe Wein: “And Twinkie Boy really is the representation of being a kid and being playful and young.”

Griffin Bobrowski: “It tastes like a Twinkie. There is also some caramel in it. It’s really, really good.”

Here, PB and J isn’t just for lunch. It’s for the Lunch Box shake. And, if you’re not a kid but you’re a kid at heart, try a boozy shake.

Joe Wein: “The Barbie one is vanilla ice cream. Malibu rum, pineapple juice and coconut. It’s like being on the ocean, but with some ice cream with you.”

Bristol’s is on the Intracoastal in Hollywood, so you can float up or walk up, as long as you get there.

Bristol’s Burgers
3460 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019
(954) 602-8760

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