There’s so much new art in South Florida, it’s hard to keep up, especially in Wynwood, where one mural gets painted over by the next before you know it. But, I’ve got one guy, two wheels and three fashionable helmets to show you the best way to take it all in, and you know what’s really beautiful? The price tag.

Wynwood a little too intimidating on foot?

Ryan the Wheelbarrow, artist: “You could walk around for four hours and still not see everything.”

Then, BYOB! Or Bring Your Own Bike for a guided street art tour!

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “And it’s free!”

Alex Miranda: “What do you mean free?”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “There’s a key ingredient you can’t teach called passion.”

And if you have questions for artist Ryan the Wheelbarrow.

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “I’m like a street art encyclopedia.”

You can bet your aerosol can he knows the answers.

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “Who they are, where they come from, how they do it…”

Just show up outside the Museum of Graffiti any Saturday morning at 10.

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “Bring a friend, bring 10, just bring your own bike.”

And I brought some gear!

Alex Miranda: “Ryan, what do you think?”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “Um…”

Alex Miranda: “I really like this one?”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “Ha, do you have any other options?”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God, sorry, Ryan, I have one more. I mean…”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “Helmets are recommended, but they’re not mandatory.”

Fine. He can have it.

Our first stop: A parking lot off 24th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “You have this beautiful kind of coexistence between the muralism and the vandalism.”

But, let’s clear a few things up.

Alex Miranda: “What’s legal? What’s illegal? What… Tell me.”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “And that’s what it boils down to. You can do graffiti, and it can be considered a mural because they did it with permission.”

Alex Miranda: “Aha!”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “They treat it more as art, rather than bombing, which is illegal.”

I don’t know, this is all just giving me “Joker” vibes or “Rocky?”

Either way, even the most impressive street art could be gone tomorrow.

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “Nothing in Wynwood lasts forever.”

Although, the beloved Boombox Building, this version by Trek 6 and Ishmael, has been a city staple for almost a decade.

Alex Miranda: “All right, Ryan, how do you turn it on?”

Tours range from 60 to 90 minutes.

Ryan the Wheelbarrow: “Where’s Alex?”

Alex Miranda: “The tour was great and all, but nothing comes between me and my Saturday morning coffee. Am I right?”

The free tour is every Saturday morning at 10. Just bring your own bike, water and helmet if you prefer one.


Museum of Graffiti
299 NW 25th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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