Brickell Wine Bank

‘Tis the season for family, friends, good food and perhaps a glass of wine. You don’t need to rush to the store to pick up a bottle, thanks to the Wine Bank — you can have a special deposit made right to your doorstep.

The holidays are here and that means — it’s cork-popping time!

Eileen Silverberg: “What better way to celebrate than with champagne?”

Brickell Wine Bank in the heart of Brickell has everything you need to toast the holidays.

Eileen Silverberg: “We have spirits, beers, craft beers, water, everything for parties — you name it.”

And the best part? You don’t even have to get out of bed to stock up.

Eileen Silverberg: “We deliver for free. We go to your doors in less than 15 minutes, we’ll be there.”

From chardonnay to cabernet — there’s nothing like the right wine to compliment all that yummy turkey day food.

Gregory Gutierrez: “Pinot noir generally goes great with turkey. Really silky texture, so guys, Happy Thanksgiving.”

Nina Dyatchenko: “Here’s Tito’s Vodka from Austin. It’s 80 proof and 40 percent alcohol.”

Served on ice. Add your favorite juice or fresh fruit and you can get any party started.

It would be a crime to mix Zafra Rum.

Juan Estefan: “Zafra is the best sipping rum in the world. It’s from Panama, it’s aged 21 years.”

But if you want to get creative…

Juan Estefan: “Do an old fashioned or luxury mojito. But really, it’s meant to be kicked back and sipped on with a nice cigar.”

No party’s a party without our friends — Moët and Veuve.

Lindsay Pyle: “Despite the fact we have known these champagnes for a long time, they have come up with champagne over ice.”

Inspired by the mixology concept, this New Years, try catering your own glass of champagne over ice with Veuve Rich.

Lindsay Pyle: “You can use grapefruit, peppermint, mint, cucumber, anything at this stage that is red and green will be fun for the holidays.”

Start with pouring it over ice, then try adding some basil and a grapefruit wedge.

Lindsay Pyle: “Usually a fruit that has a higher citrus or a more aromatic is best with the rich collection.”

For Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial, you traditionally serve with lemon and mint, but really you can use anything you’d like!

Gerick Rynard: “This is something I would serve all the time. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful drink. It’s pretty. Really great. I like the new twist to it with the fruits and the ice.”

And now that you have a few drink suggestions — bring on the holiday cheers!

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