Earth Day is coming up, and we really have to think more about the Earth than we do about tacos on taco Tuesday, but good thing one shopping destination in Miami is turning it into a whole month! Green thumb Alex Miranda is here with nine more thumbs and the story.

Shireen, if it weren’t for the Earth, you would have never met a bottle of gas station wine. Now, think about that.

You know who else is thinking about the planet? Brickell City Centre, and sustainability is their hottest new look.

You probably know Brickell City Centre in Miami.

Michael Sneed, Brickell City Centre: “Saks Fifth Avenue, Aara, Lululemon…”

But, Earth Day is April 22, so this month, this most stylish accessory is a sustainable one, and if you’re like me, start here with 30 days of eco-friendly activities!

Michael Sneed: “Especially here in Miami, you know, climate change has very real effects.”

Like clothing donation! Just drop off a bag of your old stuff. Dress for Success and Suited for Success will then take those clothes…

Michael Sneed: “And give them to people in our community to economically empower them as they begin to reenter the workforce.”

The old dress shirts, the old dress shoes, and after a year of working on Zoom, I’m thinking I probably don’t need half of my dress pants, but what I do need to put on is some workout pants to sustain my body! And there are free classes here all month sustaining your wallet!

Michael Sneed: “We’ll have a variety of different HIIT classes, yoga, meditation and other full-body workouts.”

I need to stretch more, and what a place to do it!

Zoe Madera, yoga instructor: “The terrace is a beautiful space to be in, not only to connect with nature and trees and the sky and the air, but also like with fellow community members.”

And, of course, they’ve got you covered on the whole sustainable shopping thing too, like with vintage shop Normou.

Viki Garcia, Normou: “We have some amazing vintage glasses, some cute boho dresses, vegan products.”

Or Fachine Market, with natural beauty and wellness products.

Alex Miranda: “I’ll take him please.”

Fachine Market owner: “Actually, he’s not for sale.”



Brickell City Centre
701 S. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

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