Brianna Perry

Being an artist isn’t only about your talent. It’s also often about the way you look. And if you look as good as this next artist — you’ve got at least one thing down. We caught up with Brianna Perry who’s got everything you need to play in big leagues of hip-hop.

Brianna Perry (singing): “Where is at, back there, back there, where is at, where is at, back there.”

Born and raised in the 305 — Brianna Perry is climbing up the hip-hop scene slowly … but oh so surely.

We met up with Brianna at Xtreme Fitness in Opa-locka, one of her favorite gyms.

Brianna Perry: “I have this unhealthy obsession with Sour Patch Kids and anything that’s sweet with sugar all around it, so I gotta work that off.”

An obsession with Sour Patch Kids? That makes two of us!

Brianna Perry: “I love to work on my legs and my core, so whether it’s jump squats or core exercises or burpees, uhhh I hate burpees, but they get me right.”

Brianna works hard at the gym — and even harder at the studio.

Brianna Perry: “I’m working on my EP right now and I’m so excited. It’s gonna be magical. I’ll be releasing towards the end of the season and it is everything.”

You can see the rapper do her thing on the small screen.

She’s part of Oxygen’s reality show “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop.”

Sisterhood of Hip-Hop trailer: “This is a new sound for me and I just want to give you a little taste.”

Brianna Perry: “‘Sisterhood of Hip-Hop’ comes on every Tuesday. It’s just five female MCs all chasing the same dream. We all come from different paths, from different areas. It’s so difficult to be a female in hip hop, so you see what we go through, the struggles and you know, they’ll see the glory. But they have to see what you go through to get to that point.”

Brianna has tasted some glory already… When she was noticed by Queen B herself.

Brianna Perry: “A couple of years ago I had this record, ‘Marilyn Monroe,’ that went viral.”

Brianna Perry (singing): “Monroe, Marily… see Bri I’m a dope model.”

Brianna Perry: “Beyoncé actually posted it up on her site, my song and my video, and then I got to meet her and she told me some really inspiring things and it made me feel so good.”


Brianna Perry

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