We all love to watch Olympic ice skating, gymnastics, diving, but in 2024 things are getting more exciting. That’s because a new sport is going for gold.

It’s probably one of the most incredible dance forms to ever be invented.

“Speedy Legs”: “You’re in a tribal circle and you’re showing out who is more superior than who.”

Breaking will turn the summer games in Paris on its head.

“Speedy Legs”: “You have a certain high caliber of moves, and then you have the traditional aspect of the execution of the dance.”

And breaking as a sport is nothing new because dancers have been battling all over the world since the 1990s.

“Speedy Legs”: “This has been in the making for 30 years.”

And we have Miami’s “Speedy Legs” to thank for its rise in the United States.

“Speedy Legs”: “What I actually did was create the first conference for break dancing to exchange ideas. When I saw it in Europe I was like, America is missing out. I started doing little amateur competitions, with the vision of it becoming an athletic dance, with hopes of it probably becoming an Olympic sport.”

And since Team USA has not been assembled yet, well, you and I still have a chance.

Felix Sama: “You gotta have swag, you gotta have musicality.”

you can learn in break dance classes at the Jewish Community Center in Davie, and through their non-profit organization, USA Breakin’.

Felix Sama: “Just like any dance school, we have different levels, so you can either take the beginner course, you can take the intermediate course or you can take the advanced courses.”

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