Brandi Cyrus puts her own spin on music

When it comes to the Cyrus family, music is pretty much the name of the game. Miley’s been doing it for years, and her dad, Billy Ray, has been doing it even longer, but they’re not the only ones! Deco caught up with Miley’s big sister Brandi and got the inside scoop of how she’s mixing things up.

There ain’t no party like a Cyrus party, and Brandi Cyrus definitely knows how to get one started.

You might recognize her as Miley and Noah’s big sis, but you might not know that Brandi is putting her own spin on the music industry.

Brandi Cyrus: “It’s a very creative job to DJ. You get to not only create music by blending stuff together, but you create an energy in a room, and you bring life to a party. It’s just, it’s a very cool thing. I love it a lot.”

Brandi’s been DJing for about three years.

She got her start playing fashion events, but now she’s mixing it up on the club scene.

That’s what brought her to Wall Lounge in South Beach, Friday.

Brandi Cyrus: “I’ve only DJ’d in Miami once before, but it was not a night-time set. I just feel like the energy is so much better at night. People wanna go out and stay out all night. They come to party, they come to have fun. There’s an energy in Miami that you don’t get quite anywhere else.”

Brandi tells Deco she doesn’t like to plan too much when it comes to the music she plays, but she does have some go-to tracks.

Brandi Cyrus: “I do feel like you can’t go wrong with some 2000s hip-hop, you know what I mean? Like Ludacris, Lil’ John, Missy Elliott, like all of that always kinda gets the crowd going, and it’s nostalgic for me. That’s the music I grew up listening to.”

And a go-to drink to help take the edge off from behind the booth.

Brandi Cyrus: “It sounds crazy, but I just really enjoy bourbon. I’m a Tennessee girl. We drink bourbon in Tennessee.”

Back to the music.

It’s safe to say it’s pretty much a family affair for the Cyrus family.

Brandi Cyrus: “I think what’s cool about my family is that we all do play music, but we all kinda have our own lane. Even though Miley and Noah are both pop artists, they both have very different sounds, and then my brother, Trace, has an electronic band.”

Even though everyone’s kind of in the same industry, she tells us there’s no sibling rivalry here.

Brandi Cyrus: “My family’s so great. We all support each other. We show up to each other’s stuff. There’s no competition ever. We’re there for each other. We root for each other. It’s an awesome thing. Couldn’t do it without them.”

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