Today is Deco’s favorite holiday. It’s National Drink Wine Day! You know what pairs perfectly with wine? A little Boyz II Men. There’s very little Boyz II Men haven’t done in their career. They’re the highest selling R&B group of all time for one! Need I say more? But tonight, they’re “wine”-ing down with Deco.

They’re known for their sultry sounds and smooth harmonies, but these days, the guys from Boyz II Men are totally buzzing about their new line of wine.

Shawn Stockman: “It’s called Harmony because these are all Bordeaux types of wines, so they are a harmony of different types of grapes that mesh together to create something very tasty, like actual vocal harmony.”

The name could not be more perfect.

Wanya Morris: “When there was no music, there was only harmony. It’s organic, and it comes directly from the source of hearing and feeling and sound.”

It was wine o’clock at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.

Nathan, Shawn and Wanya celebrated the official launch of Harmony by Boyz II Men with fans.

Nathan Morris: “Most of us are wine drinkers, and it does kinda coincide with our music and special times like that.”

There’s a red, a white and a rosé, and everyone has a favorite.

Mahogani Chery: “I love the rosé. The rosé is delicious.”

Lindsey Montazeme: “I love the red. I love red wine, right up my alley.”

Great minds drink alike. But sometimes you gotta read between the wines.

Deco put the guys on the spot by asking them to compare each wine to one of their hit songs.

Shawn Stockman: “This would be ‘I’ll Make Love to You.’ Yeah, definitely.”

Red is the color of passion, so that makes sense.

The rosé was a little trickier.

Shawn Stockman: “Uh, ‘4 Seasons of Loneliness.’ There you go, 4 Seasons. OK.”

And last but not least, the white.

Wanya Morris: “This one is like ‘Water Runs Dry,’ I think. Yeah, yeah.”

There’s a reason the music is so connected to the wine. The people who made it actually played Boyz II Men songs to the grapes.

No, seriously!

Shawn Stockman: “It’s on the bottle! It’s on the bottle, yeah. They were listening to the music. See that?”

Nathan Morris: “And yeah, it helps them grow big and strong.”

Shawn Stockman: “Everybody pause that on your DVR.”


Harmony by Boyz II Men

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