This is a big year for a special SoFlo location. Fort Lauderdale’s Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is celebrating its 100th birthday. To mark the event, the place is making an offer to visitors that’s hard to refuse.

That’s one kind of night at the museum. For its 100th birthday, the Bonnet House is offering its own twist.

Patrick Shavloske, Bonnet House: “It’s a unique opportunity for two people to spend the night at Bonnet House.”

Oh, but it’s a lot more than a simple sleepover.

Patrick Shavloske: “The evening starts with a meal catered by Hugh’s Catering, a lavish meal. The menu is really up to the couple. Then there’s just the opportunity to experience the estate at night, spend the night here, breakfast in the morning.”

The offer to spend the night is proof there’s a first time for everything.

Patrick Shavloske: “It’s very special. We’ve never offered it for visitors before.”

OK, here’s something you should know. Last year was actually the 100th birthday of the Bonnet House. Bet you can guess why they didn’t celebrate.

Patrick Shavloske: “Our 100th year last year, all the festivities had to be postponed because of the pandemic.”

That was then, this is now.

You’ve got plenty to do before dinner. You can stroll through the courtyard with your complimentary glass of champagne.

Then it’s time to check out different parts of the museum.

Patrick Shavloske: “The couple that stays here can spend as much time in the studio as they’d like, also in the drawing room. The house is theirs for the evening to enjoy.”

When it’s time to dine by the courtyard, the romantic vibes really kick up a few notches, with drinks delivered by your own bartender.

Patrick Shavloske: “We work to make the evening as special for the couple as we can.”

Take one last look at the courtyard before the two of you spend even more quality alone time.

Patrick Shavloske: “The evening ends with an overnight stay in a newly renovated suite.”

Clay Kosack, guest: “I was looking for a nice romantic getaway by the beach, with the nature and all the paintings and the artistry, and it just seemed like an incredible experience.”

The Night at the Museum offer is for couples only. There’s also a Dinner for 8 package.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens
900 North Birch Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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