‘Bones’ actress Emily Deschanel talk show’s finale

After 12 seasons, “Bones” is down to its last 12 episodes. The final season debuts tonight. Emily Deschanel talked with Deco today and said we can expect big things in the short season.

My how time flies when you’re solving crimes. At least for FOX’s hit show — “Bones.”

Emily Deschanel (as Temperance Brennan): “I can’t explain it, but for some reason when I look at him, I’m confident, he is the key.”

The show is celebrating its 12th and final season. The star of the show, Emily Deschanel, who plays Dr. Temperance Brennan, says it’s all very bitter sweet.

Emily Deschanel: “You feel proud of doing a show for as long as we have. It’s been a really emotional, emotional time and we worked really hard on the last season and we really hope that people enjoy it, especially our biggest fans.”

The goal of the final season?

Deschanel says it’s to end the series in a thoughtful way.

Emily Deschanel: “It’s a gift that the network gave us to have 12 episodes to wrap up this story, and not a lot of shows get that.”

Deschanel directs the show’s season premiere called: “The Final Chapter, the Hope in the Horror” where Dr. Brennan is kidnapped by her old assistant who escaped from a mental institution.

Emily Deschanel: “I thought, ‘You know what? It’s scary to me, but I want to do it.’ And, I loved doing it. I learned a lot from David Boreanaz, who is my co-star who plays Booth, who has directed many episodes.”

Thing’s won’t always be so serious, though.

Emily Deschanel: “We go undercover in the demolition derby and we go to a retirement home.”

There’s also a lumberjack competition, a wedding, and the return of an old flame.

Also, lingering questions will finally be answered.

Emily Deschanel: “It’s been a roller coaster really. We are finishing our show after 12 years, and there have been so many sad things about that.”

It’s not just the fans Emily will miss. Most difficult for the actress is…

Emily Deschanel: “Saying goodbye to all of our crew and our cast, the characters and relationships.”

The final season of “Bones” begins tonight at 9, right here on 7.

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