South Florida’s love affair with tacos just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet has found a new joint that’s giving the comfort food a tastefully new twist. At Bomba Tacos & Rum in Gulfstream Park, they take tacos and take it up a notch. Here’s what you need to do– you need to tell your taste buds it’s time to party.

BOMBA Tacos & Rum in Hallandale Beach isn’t your typical taco joint…

Ean Carroll: "We’re focused on Central/South America, the Latin Caribbean and Cuba which makes us really unique from a lot of different taquerias that are more Mexican focused."

The only problem you might have is choosing which tacos to try.

Ean Carroll: "We have about 20 different tacos. They’re all ordered per piece. You can really mix and match, try a lot of different flavors."

Those flavors are reflected in everything on your plate.

Ean Carroll: "A lot different salsas, different sauces. It’s not just the same protein on a different set-up every time."

The braised beef taco is a multi-national sensation.

Ean Carroll: "Braised beef similar to a ropa vieja that would be more Cuban. It has pickled jalapenos, fresh cilantro, queso fresco cheese, an aji ano rio sauce with some red onion and some jicama slaw which is more of a Peruvian topping."

Other one-of-a-kind offerings include the chipoltle-glazed spicy shrimp taco with avocado and the charred kale and corn taco isn’t just for vegetarians.

Ean Carroll: "It’s charred kale, corn, grape tomatoes. It has diced potatoes. It has a garlic fascia aioli and then it’s topped with chipoltle-hot sauce and queso fresco cheese."

Man cannot live by taco alone. Actually, you could. But try the grilled skirt steak churrasco topped with horseradish chimichurri. The guac is made to order.

Ean Carroll: "So we have a list of several ingredients that you can kinda modify you know add mango, bacon, goat cheese, anything you might be feeling that day and make it your personal guacamole."

You can wash all this down with any number of rum drinks, a mango mojito, perhaps… or maybe some rum punch will do the trick. BOMBA Tacos & Rum is happy to call Gulfstream Park home…

Ean Carroll: "Love being in Gulfstream Park because so many people come here looking for a different experience and the restaurant caters so well for that."

The folks at BOMBA Tacos & Rum are committed to creating meals taste good– and make you feel good. They’re into responsible food sourcing, which means no antibiotics or hormones.

BOMBA Tacos & Rum
801 Silks Run, Suite 1580
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 455-0700

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