Bob Odenkirk takes on home invaders in new action flick ‘Nobody’

Move over, Liam Neeson. There’s a new action hero with a special set of skills.

In “Nobody”, Bob Odenkirk is somebody you shouldn’t underestimate.

Bob Odenkirk (as Hutch Mansell): “I used to be what they call an Auditor, the last guy anyone wants to see at their door.”

Bob Odenkirk is a man with a secret in the new action thriller, “Nobody.”

Billy McLellan (as Charlie Williams): “Why didn’t you take them out?”

Bob Odenkirk (as Hutch Mansell): “I was just trying to keep the damage to a minimum.”

Bob plays suburban dad Hutch, who wimps out during a home invasion.

Bob Odenkirk: “The initial notion of who the character was was a dad and there’s a break-in and he doesn’t do anything. And he’s left with this residue of frustration and anger and a desire to strike back or to do something.”

But what his family doesn’t know is that he’s got a lethal past. And when people start coming after his family again, it’s time to put those old skills to use.

Connie Nielsen (as Becca Mansell): “What is happening?”

Bob Odenkirk (as Hutch Mansell): “Don’t call 9-1-1.”

Bob says this role actually hit super close to home.

Bob Odenkirk: “We had a break-in in our home and it was extremely disturbing to my family, but I was left with great feelings of frustration and anger that we used to build out in this character.”

Connie Nielsen, who plays Hutch’s wife, thinks other people may also find it relatable.

Connie Nielsen: “He took something from a personal experience and realized, ‘Wait, if I’m feeling like this, a bunch of other people are probably feeling the same way.’ And then put that inside of a genre film.”

The movie was also super fun for Bob, because he did his own stunts!

Bob Odenkirk: “I was thrilled. I did my own fights. They look good. I think I did justice to the action genre and to the stuntmen who gave their time and expertise to helping create the scenes.”

Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, a-k-a Hutch’s half-brother in the movie, also had a blast.

RZA: “This film turned out to be like a super fun film, yo, like, Like I didn’t know, you don’t know what the end result is going to be. You show up, you go to work and do the best you can. But me and my family watched this film and we was cheek to cheek like, oh! I had to go through two servings of popcorn.”

Detective: “Who are you?”

Bob Odenkirk (as Hutch Mansell): “Me? I’m nobody.”

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