Ladies, we know Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with you and your sweetie, but what about celebrating the love between you and your BFFs? You can kick off your shoes and cruise with some booze thanks to a restaurant in the 954.

Women may or may not rule the world, but they certainly run things at Boatyard in Fort Lauderdale on Thursdays.

Mackenzie Cance: "We have launched our ladies night and it’s called ‘Boats and Bubbles.’ From 7 to 10 ladies drink free."

Lots of places have Ladies’ Night specials, but what makes this one different? Boats.

Mackenzie Cance: "They are taking ladies out on 15-minute to 30-minute boat rides up and down the Intercoastal in groups of 10 ladies, and they get to drink bubbles on the boats."

The bubbles come courtesy of champagne glasses filled with Prosecco. Offering a cool ride on the Intercoastal was a no-brainer.

Mackenzie Cance: "Yeah, we’re very lucky with our location. We’re right on the water right off of 17th Street. We want to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and the easy access to the Intercoastal that we have."

But you can’t just show up and hop on-board. That would be way too easy.

Mackenzie Cance: "No, we have a sign-up. It’s first come first serve, and we try to get as many ladies on the boat all night as we can."

Vessels shove off from Boatyard’s dock at 7:15, 8:15 and 9:15 p.m., but you’d be wise to get there early.

Mackenzie Cance: "People are arriving an hour to two hours beforehand just to get a ride on the boat."

While you and your crew wait for your mini-cruise, you can pound back a beverage and munch on deep sea delicacies from the seafood cart.

Mackenzie Cance: "It has a wide array of oysters, stone crab claws, Maine lobster, fresh ceviche, so it’s really delicious. It comes tableside and you can pick and choose exactly what you like."

Save the chocolate and the roses for Sunday, because it’s all about sista’ love this Thursday at Boatyard.

Guest: "I mean, what more do you need? You have your girlfriends, a boat, champagne– it’s a perfect day"

1555 SE 17th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 525-7400

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