My favorite food group is sugar! Yes, sour, crunchy or gummy, it’s all delish

Now a local company is taking the candy game up a notch. And it’s sweet.

Talk about a sweet idea!

Board Love Miami is turning your favorite sweet treats into sugary candy boards.

Lisa Gelfman: “A candy board, I like to think of it as a dessert charcuterie. We all know that cheese and meat boards are big right now. The charcuterie boards, so that is kind of an hors d’oeuvres and we do a dessert.”

These confectionary creations are one of a kind.

Lyndsay Marano: “Candy boards are unique and different because you can customize them how ever you want.”

The candy board crew’s got skills. These are almost too pretty to eat. I said almost!

Lisa Gelfman: “You can’t just put candy on a board and wrap it up and poof think it looks good.”

Lyndsay Marano: “The candy boards take time. There is an art to it.”

They aren’t skimping on the candy!

Lyndsay Marano: “We put about 7 pounds of candy on a board.”

You just pick your favorite sweets, a color scheme, or theme, then Board Love works their magic.

Lisa Gelfman: “Whether it be a college board, or a gender reveal board. We do breast cancer awareness boards, anything. We can do anything.”

This is one way to taste the rainbow.

Lisa Gelfman: “The rainbow board, which is a popular one. We line that in a rainbow with jelly beans, and then we build on that. We want it to look aesthetically pleasing, so we put lots of the cute stuff on top.”

“Board love” can even make a giant board in honor of your favorite TV show.

Lisa Gelfman: “We customized a huge Deco Drive board. For this particular board, I followed the Deco with gummy bears, which is very difficult because they sometimes have a mind of their own, and then we fill in the middle.”

The candy boards come in all shapes and sizes. Then it’s wrapped up to keep your design in place until it’s time to dig in!

Lyndsay Marano: “I think candy boards make people happy.”


Board Love Miami

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