We’re pretty lucky to live here in South Florida. We have the sun and surf right in our own backyard, but unless you have a boat or a house on the water, it’s not that easy to relax and enjoy the view in a safe and secluded spot — until now. Deco’s relaxation expert, Alex Miranda, checked out a place where your worries will float away.

I am relaxing and floating on the water on my yacht. OK, reality check: I don’t have a yacht or even a dinghy.

2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years, and we all need a way to disconnect, and Blue Space is just that place.

We’ve all seen shipping containers sail into South Florida on cargo ships, but I bet you’ve never seen them like this: transformed into a place where you can breathe in, breathe out and relax.

Alex Ciklik, Blue Space co-founder: “Blue Space is the world’s first floating space that they can rent for any type of relaxation activity they want to do.”

This eco-friendly space at Vice City Marina in Brickell was created with you in mind.

Alex Ciklik: “It’s an amazing, mindful designed space to disconnect from the stress of life, and we all know that exists a lot now.”

Have fun and let your cares drift away.

Alex Ciklik: “When you are on the space, you feel like you are one with the water.”

Being near H2O is good for Y-O-U.

Alex Ciklik: “There is amazing benefits of the water, scientifically-proven benefits on the body. Your cortisol levels go down in general. Your mental health and physical health is stronger the more you frequent the water.”

At Blue Space, you can do whatever floats your boat.

Alex Ciklik: “People have rented it for girls’ night, boys’ night. We have had engagements, small engagement ceremonies, birthdays, anything you can use it for.”

For $150 an hour, come on board and have some fun.

Laura Vieira, customer: “We are out here on the water relaxing, eating, having a good time with my friends — all-around great experience.

Or for $300, become a member. Because membership has its privileges, you can use the space for four hours a month.

It’s a perfect place for yoga teachers to bend on the bay.

Gabi Torres, yoga teacher: “We get to be on the water, breathing, practicing yoga and out of the city life, but in the city at the same time.”

Alex Ciklik: “We wanted to create a space for people to access the water in an affordable and accessible way. This is a million-dollar view. If you were to come here and see it, you feel like you are having a million-dollar view. When you leave here, you are super happy.”

Deco viewers, you’re in luck. We’re giving you a giant discount for Blue Space.

When you book time there, use the code DECOBLUE60.


Blue Space
Vice City Marina
801 Brickell Bay Drive
Miami, FL 33131

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