‘Bloodline’ actress graces Venice Magazine cover

Actress Taylor Rouviere is back in South Florida. But she’s not shooting scenes for her hit Netflix show “Bloodline” — she’s gracing the cover of a magazine. Deco went behind the scenes and caught up with Taylor and talked about her rise to fame.

Taylor Rouviere will grace the cover of the summer issue of Venice Magazine. The actress grew up in South Florida and always loves to come home.

Taylor Rouviere: “Growing up here was super fun. One thing was that it’s hot all year round. My birthday is in January. We always had pool parties and bouncy houses.”

Turns out the 20-year-old Miami native was a natural choice for the magazine.

Carlos Suarez, Venice Magazine: “We thought she was a great choice for the cover. She has a lot of local connections. She’s from Miami, FL, goes to school at University of Florida.”

When she’s not in school, Taylor plays Jane Rayburn on “Bloodline.” The dramatic series stars Kyle Chandler and takes place in the Florida Keys.

Taylor was cast for the show right out of high school.

Taylor Rouviere: “I was 17 and that was the first really big part that I had gotten, so after 17 years, I was like, ‘What’s this finally?’ And then the cast, just seeing the names of the people who I was going to be working with was super exciting.”

One of those names is Sissy Spacek, who plays Taylor’s grandmother.

Taylor Rouviere: “She’s such an amazing actress and person. Being able to just learn from her and be around her sweet aura was such a great, uplifting experience, and I’ve learned a lot from her, too.”

The third and final season of “Bloodline” premieres next week, but if you’re hoping for some plot secrets — Taylor isn’t talking.

Taylor Rouviere: “Just watch and find out. I can’t really spill anything, but I saw the first two episodes already, and they’re very good!”

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