Online Extra/Tips for Preparing Lamb

(WSVN) - Chef Timothy Piazza of Fi’lia by Michael Schwartz says lamb is easy to prepare.

Chef Timothy Piazza: “Just salt, pepper, olive oil and let it go in the oven or sear it on the grill. Just don’t overthink it.”

Marinades can also bring out the flavor.

Chef Timothy Piazza: “I love anchovies and garlic, and sometimes spices like cumin or coriander are great with it as well.”

Pay attention of the cut of the meat.

Chef Timothy Piazza: “You have to find the certain cut. The top sirloin part of the lamb which comes off the back-end of the leg is not so gamey. As far as a rack of lamb or a shoulder is a little more gamey cause those muscles in the shoulder get used a little more.”

For tender lamb, slow cooking is key.

Chef Timothy Piazza: “I like to slow roast to really render the fat and it kind of brings that flavor out and rounds it out a little bit.”

Chef Timothy says simplicity is best.

Chef Timothy Piazza: “Don’t overthink it.”

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